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Psychosomatic Medicine Psychotherapy

As a psychotherapist I would like to assist affected clients in seeing their illness - against the background of their biography - as the suboptimal solution of an internal psychic conflict.

It is the objective of therapy to develop and implement a new inner vision of today’s best individual solution, what would be without the symptoms of disease and which is corresponding with the client’s personal circumstances of life and his or her personality.

Spectrum of services

  • Psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy for: Burnout, exhaustion depression Work-related stress or identity crisis (specific of male identity development)
  • Couple relationships: Conflict analysis and therapy of crises of self-esteem, i.e. after separation Psychosomatic illness or severe physical disease


  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy (individually or in group therapy)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Catathymic imaginative therapy
  • Elements of NLP and transaction analysis
  • Development of awareness
  • Generation of awareness and ego synthesis

The doctors team

Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych.
Christoph Tille-Raabe

Psychosomatic Medicine Psychotherapy

medicum 2 / Level 3
Frankfurter Straße 42
65189 Wiesbaden

Further information

  • You may call me any time and leave a message on the mail box. I’ll call you right back.